Visual experience

Various authors claim that in the West our experience of the world is dominated by visual perception. Paul Rodaway in his book Sensuous Geographies. Body, sense and place. (1994) writes in chapter 9 interesting observations about the dominance of the visual experience in Western culture:

The transformation of sight and the generation of culturally specific visual geographies in Western culture … might be described as a kind of hyper-realisation of vision. In contemporary society, it is grounded in a culture of consumerism and mass media, and mediated by advanced communication and information technologies. This is a process of transformation in the realm of geographical experience … whereby the visual has become effectively hegemonic – a dictatorship of the culturally constituted eye – and technologically mediated ‘images’ (or ‘themes’) subsitute or replace actual multisensorial dialogue with a physical environment. (Rodaway 1994: 160).

Other authors on the same topic:

  • Baudrillard (1988).  America
  • Baudrillard (1983). Simulations
  • Eco (1986) . Travels in Hyperreality. And other essays.
  • Rodaway, Paul (1994). Sensuous geographies: body, sense and place. London, Routledge.

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